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Solar Generator
Portable Solar Power Generator
5,000 Watt Solar Generator

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Deliver Powerful Portable Electricity to wherever you need it whenever you need it with this Coyle Industries Solar Generator and Electricity Storage System. Coyle is the leader in portable power - when you need it, where you need it. Coyle Photovoltaic Generators are designed to utilize the power of the sun to store and deliver electricity when you need it most. Freight cost to lower 48 USA included in price.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. Does the generator generate electricity during rainy or cloudy days? Absolutely! The thermal energy of solar rays penetrates through rain clouds and still excite the solar array. After running an Agrimate down to 11.15-volts on a “sunny” day it takes only two hours to fully charge back up to 12.54-volts, on a “cloudy” day it charges back to 12.25-volts in about the same time. 2. Can the the generator Workmate be used to power an entire house? Like any 5000-watt gas or diesel generator, every power generation source has certain capacity limits. The Workmate and Agrimate both deliver 20-amperes of output which makes it compatible with most household appliances. You can run many common electronic devices such as lights, radios, televisions, personal computers, and more. However, depending on how many appliances you are trying to run simultaneously, the generator may not be able to power all devices at the same time. 3. Can the generator products be used in emergency situations? Emergency power generation is one of the primary applications for our revolutionary products. Power outages due to floods, fires, earthquakes, storms, and other natural disasters are prime opportunities to leverage the power and convenience of a Coyle Industries generator. When you have a Workmate or an Agrimate at the ready, the emergency is over! 4. How quickly can a Workmate generator be fully charged? If the Workmate has been oriented toward the maximum solar incidince at all times of the day, it can be completely charged to 12.5 volts in about 2 days. However, the product can generate usable power in less than 30 minutes from a completely discharged battery. 5. Why are the generator products better than normal gasoline or diesel generators? Our solar generators are far superior to traditional methods of energy generation for a wide range of reasons: a. They are completely solid state that means they don’t have any moving parts. As a result they require practically no maintenance (well you do need to wipe off the panel with a damp cloth now and then). b. Since our products are powered completely by the sun, there is no need to refill the generator with costly, toxic, and heavy fuel. c. Our products are completely silent compared with noisy combustion engines. This makes them useful in situations where noise pollution is a concern such as outdoor concerts and camping environments. d. Workmate and Agrimate generators have no emissions and can thus be used in enclosed environments where a traditional fuel generator would be considered a health and fire hazard. e. Our products are completely water resistant and can thus be used in weather conditions that would severely damage a traditional gasoline or diesel generator. 6. How long will my Coyle generator operate? Runtime duration is dependent on a variety of factors including the level of battery charge and the amount of load on the device. Some examples with no solar incidence include: 1. A 100-watt light bulb can be illuminated for approximately 16 hours. 2. The device will run a 1000-watt halogen for 4 hours (to low voltage shut down of the inverter). 7. How do I optimize the use of the batteries? It is best to utilize device power so that the batteries are never fully discharged or allowed to remain at a discharged state. Excessive discharge allows sulfite to build up on the battery plates that impacts battery life and performance. By allowing batteries to remain in a state of positive charge you can get longer life than even specified. Even just a few minutes of recharging can accomplish this. As much as possible have the inverter and all loads turned off when not in use. 8. How do I optimize the charging capability of the photovoltaic array? It is Important to orient the device towards the maximum solar incidence (i.e. the sun) as much as possible. Also, it is useful to move the device throughout the day to maximize solar exposure. After sun has gone down, reorient the device to the east so that the device will be facing the solar incidence at sunrise. 9. How long will the batteries last? The Coyle Industries Workmate and Agrimate solar generators use high performance, sealed, gelled batteries that will last 150-500 discharge cycles depending on ambient temperature, state of discharge and duration of discharge. The batteries are protected from direct solar contact and exposure to natural elements by the device chassis. 10. Can I replace the batteries if they fail or wear out? The batteries in the Workmate and Agrimate generators are replaceable by a trained technician. If you need to replace your batteries for any reason, please contact Coyle Industries directly for more information on our replacement policy or a list of certified technicians who can assist you with this process. Any opening of the device chassis or other non-authorized use of the device will automatically violate the warranty. 11. What if my machine gets wet? Your machine is designed to operate in all weather conditions, but in severe weather the machine may need further protection. The interior of the device should never be directly exposed to water, strong wind, hail, ice, or snow. Although the panel will not be affected by ice or snow, the panel should be kept clear of such elements to maintain optimal solar exposure.
Coyle Solar Generator
  • Construction Job Sites
  • Emergency Power Source
  • Outdoor Party
  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Vacation Home

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