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Whirlpool 5 Gallon Water Dispenser Cooler Cold and Hot Electric Steel Frame
Whirlpool 5 Gallon Water Dispenser Cooler
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Item Information
Whirlpool Black and Stainless Bottom Load Water Dispenser Water Cooler with Cold and Hot Water
- Easily hides unattractive bottle in bottom
- Ice chills water extremely cold
- Steaming hot water for exceptional teas
- Cold and hot system engineered for long lifespan

The Whirlpool Black and Stainless Bottom Load Water Dispenser Water Cooler with Cold and Hot Water complements the decor of modern kitchens and offices. The water cooler?s stainless steel top ties in with other stainless appliances and metal fixtures. The shape is simple, contemporary and attractive. The tall and smooth body has hidden faucets and a flush drip tray for a uniform look that effortlessly blends into a room.

Perfectly Cool
Most water coolers struggle to keep their water below the barely cool temperature of 50?F. However, most people are used to the temperature of their refrigerator. Many are disappointed when a water cooler dispenses 50?F water. This water cooler keeps the water at 40?F, the fridge temperature people most enjoy. To make water this cold, a large piece of ice is formed in the cold water reservoir. This acts like ice cubes inside a glass, instantly cooling the water mixing with it. This technology ensures a refreshingly cold glass of water, even in the middle of the worst summer heatwave.

Steadily Hot
Other water coolers built with standard technology are unable to keep a steadily hot temperature. Although they can heat up very hot, the temperature then starts to drop as the system cools down. The heating cycle then starts up again. The brewed tea is good when the water is hot, but bad when the water cools down. The Whirlpool water dispenser keeps the water in the steaming hot range. This ensures a reliably brewed cup of tea every time.

Less Buildup
The gentle heating technology resists the buildup of calcium scale. Scale forms in other water coolers as their rapid heating precipitates minerals out of spring water, forming scale on their heating elements. This causes inefficient heating, and may eventually break the heater. This water cooler's gentle heating technology slows scale buildup, significantly extending the lifespan of the heating system.

Well Designed
The bottom loading function incorporates the most advanced technologies, such as an angled siphon that sucks the maximum amount of water out of the bottle. It reaches the outer rim of the bottle, which is the lowest point where the water collects. Other bottom loading water dispensers may leave over a cup of water in the bottle.

Saves Energy
The water dispenser comes with features like the ability to turn the night light off when it is not needed. Energy can be saved by turning off the hot or cold water, each of which has its own dedicated power switch. The specially engineered water pump can be run dry, and doesn?t need priming. It is a quieter pump than normal, and only runs when water is used, keeping the noise to a minimum at other times.

Solid and Durable
The entire frame of the water cooler is constructed from solid steel, making it extremely durable. Tests show that it can take over 300 pounds of vertical compression pressure. This solid metal frame is reinforced with the stainless steel exterior to make a strongly constructed water cooler that will survive many years of heavy use. Top, front and base are made from impact resistant ABS plastic. The water dispensing controls have been tested to over 1 million cycles, and are designed for a lifetime of use.

Extended Lifetime
The cooling system cycles very infrequently, turning the compressor on about 30 times less than others. This infrequent switching on, extends the lifespan of the compressor and the thermostats. Every time an electrical product turns on, there is a power surge, which can eventually wear down the system, as when a light bulb pops after switched on. Turning on 30 times less than others leads to a greatly extended lifespan. This professionally built water cooler has been designed from the ground up with longevity and reliability in mind.


  • Modern black design with stainless top
  • Bottle hidden in the bottom
  • Slide bottle in with little effort using slanted ramp
  • Unique angled straw siphons remaining water that accumulates at the perimeter of the bottle
  • 40?F cold water is about 10?F colder than the average 50?F water cooler
  • Uses a large ice ring to quickly and powerfully cool water
  • Water flowing from bottle into dispenser is quickly cooled by ice
  • Ice cold water output of 1.06 gallons
  • Hot water temperature stays between 176?F ~ 198?F; steaming hot for excellent teas
  • Hot water output is 1.3 gallons
  • Gentle heating technology resists the mineral deposits that form in other coolers
  • Hot water power can be turned off to avoid accidental burns and save energy
  • Cold water power can be turned off when away to save energy
  • Night light can be turned off if not needed
  • Fast faucet water flow system pours water quicker than other brands
  • Fire safety protection technology uses three separate high temperature cut offs for ultimate safety
  • Adjustable stability feet increase the footprint of the cooler preventing accidental tipping due to high center of gravity from the heavy bottle
  • Child-resistant hot water control is located at top out of reach of small children
  • Requires two independent motions to activate
  • All parts that come into contact with water are food grade with no BPA
  • Sanitary water outlets are recessed, preventing contact with cups
  • Unusual in water coolers, Whirlpool uses a carbon mesh air filter to prevent contamination from airborne dust and bacteria
  • Dishwasher-safe drip tray snaps out for easy cleaning
  • Low dB quiet operating pump is designed to run only when the water cooler is used
  • Impact-resistant ABS high density plastic is highly durable
  • Water controls are embedded in the top, they cannot be twisted or snapped off
  • Rolled steel side panels provide exceptional durability and stability
  • Unlike other water cooler's tubes that pull apart too easily, Whirlpool siphon straw is securely fastened using a strain relief to prevent accidental damage
  • Calcium mineral deposits coat and breaks heating elements in most water coolers
  • Whirlpool?s mineral-resistant technology greatly extends the lifespan of the heater
  • Cold thermostat activates about 20 to 30 times less that other brands, leading to a much longer lifespan
  • Rigid solid steel frame will last a lifetime
  • Noise reduction from compressor vibration can be reduced by levelling with adjustable feet
  • Save energy costs with this Energy Star water dispenser
  • Fits all standard water bottle whether 3, 4 or 5 gallons
  • Passes both UL and CSA standards for water coolers
  • Assembled Size:15" x 12.6" x 40.5"

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