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Indoor Outdoor Spider Killer Spray 2 Bottles 3 Foot Cord Wet & Forget

Indoor Outdoor Spider Killer Spray 2 Bottles 3 Foot Cord Wet & Forget

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Miss Muffet's Revenge Indoor and Outdoor Spider Killer - 2x 64 oz.
Kills spiders and keeps them away up to 1 year. Indoor and outdoor spider control. Precision sprayer for fast, accurate, aerosol-free application. Sprays up to 12' to easily reach areas where spiders tend to build cobwebs.

Miss Muffet Revenge, brought to you by the makers of Wet & Forget, provides dual protection against spiders in and around your home. Getting rid of spiders has never been easier. One treatment of Miss Muffets Revenge kills spiders and is a spider repellent for up to 12 months.

This high-efficiency spider-repellent spray delivers more product than most sprayers so you can treat areas faster and easier. The 3 foot coil hose allows you to place the bottle on the ground during treatment, eliminating any weight on the sprayer hand. The trigger can be turned at any angle without a hitch to get rid of spiders in corners and crevasses they love to call home. If youre serious about getting rid of spiders, pick-up a bottle of Miss Muffets Revenge, the spider killer spray for total spider pest control. Not for Sale in California.


  • Perimeter and indoor spider killer
  • Attach sprayer, pull hose from inside and extend 3 feet
  • Turn spray nozzle to on position and start applying
  • Outside application: Apply 12 inch band along foundation of home or areas where cobwebs are found
  • Inside application: Apply 4 inch band along interior in areas where spiders are a recurring problem
  • Spray until slightly wet without soaking
  • Attached sprayer will spray up to 10 feet for hard to reach areas
  • For long-lasting residual, leave spray undisturbed
  • Product will keep killing for up to 12 months
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